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LEVEL MMA: Summit Series


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summit - noun

  1. The topmost level attainable
  2. A conference of highest-level officials

Introducing LEVEL MMA, a brand new Fight Organization based out of Tokyo, Japan!

As with most other startups, I will be setting off with a tournament to attract new-creation talent from some of the best managers the game has to offer. This tournament will be unlike any I’ve seen (or can remember) and will attempt to shake things up a bit and breathe some new life into the MMATycoon world. We will put the current game mechanics to good use, pull from other ideas that work and hopefully come out the other end with some major league fighters. Who knows? We may even change the the whole landscape!

WARNING: This is a marathon of a tournament and definitely not for flakes. 


A tournament containing 3 Levels of combat competition; grappling, standup only and MMA.

Points will be allocated based on the results of each Level to establish a leaderboard (16 pts for finishing 1st down to 1 point for finishing last). Level 1 results (grappling) establish the seeding for the next rounds. There will be Level winners and prizes will be distributed to victorious fighters. Ultimately the winner of the MMA round will be crowned Champion. 

You will forfeit your spot if you:

  • Don’t accept your fight contract
  • Don’t accept your fight offer by 3 days out from the card
  • Go inactive
  • Run afoul of the rules in general

There will be room for 8 alternates who will fill out the cards in “exhibition” matches. Alternate managers will be required to create a fighter at the turn. Should a tournament fighter drop out, the alternate with the best record will get called up to the main show.

Prizes Pool:

LEVEL MMA Championship Belt

1 Year VIP to the winner

3 Month VIP awards

$7,500,000 in cash disbursement


Creation Date: 400k ID Turn

You will have 2 weeks to create, test and submit your fighter name/ID into this thread.

You will have roughly 4 weeks to train from fighter entry to the start date. 

Tournament Rules:

18 year old creations only.

Fighters MUST be created by the manager intending to fight them.

Weight Range: 220lbs to 200lbs

Your fighter MUST remain within the weight parameters throughout the competition.


Tournament Structure:

Level 1 - TWGC Grappling Rules

Round Robin format: 8 weeks

Random Seeding

  • Fights will take place weekly on Sundays
  • No energy/morale drain, while gaining grappling hype and popularity
  • Allows you to continually train without interruption
  • Every fighter faces one another once
  • Week 8 fight card determines matchups for the next Level


Level 2 - KT Rules

Completion time - 8 weeks

Bi-Weekly fights

Whole fight scoring

  • fights will take place on Sundays to maximize training time
  • Energy/morale begin to affect training
  • Hype growth and decreases affect hype/pop


Group A

(A1) Seed 1 vs. Seed 16

(A2) Seed 3 vs. Seed 14

(A3) Seed 5 vs. Seed 12

(A4) Seed 7 vs. Seed 10

Group B

(B1) Seed 2 vs. Seed 15

(B2) Seed 4 vs. Seed 13

(B3) Seed 6 vs. Seed 11

(B4) Seed 8 vs. Seed 9

KT Round 2

Group A

(AA) Winner A1 vs. Winner A3

(AB) Winner A2 vs. Winner A4

(AC) Loser A1 vs. Loser A3

(AD) Loser A2 vs. Loser A4

Group B

(BA) Winner B1 vs. Winner B3

(BB) Winner B2 vs. Winer B4

(BC) Loser B1 vs. Loser B3

(BD) Loser B2 vs. Loser B4

KT Round 3

Group A

(AX1) Winner AA vs. Winner AB

(AX2) Loser AA vs. Loser AB

(AX3) Winner AC vs. Winner AD

(Ax4) Loser AC vs. Loser AD

Group B

(BX1) Winner BA vs. Winner BB

(BX2) Loser BA vs. Loser BB

(BX3) Winner BC vs. Winner BD

(BX4) Loser BC vs. Loser BD

KT Round 4 - KT Finals

(F1) Winner AX1 vs. Winner BX1 - To Decide 1st and 2nd Place

(F2) Loser AX1 vs Loser BX1 - To Decide 3rd and 4th Place

(F3) Winner AX2 vs. Winner BX2 - To Decide 5th and 6th Place

(F4) Loser AX2 vs. Loser AX2 - To Decide 7th and 8th Place

(F5) Winner AX3 vs. Winner BX3 - To Decide 9th and 10th Place

(F6) Loser AX3 vs. Loser BX3 - To Decide 11th and 12th Place

(F7) Winner AX4 vs. Winner BX4 - To Decide 13th and 14th Place

(F8) Loser AX4 vs. Loser BX4 - To Decide 15th and 16th Place


Level 3 - MMA Rules

Completion time - 8 weeks

Bi-Weekly fights

10 pt must

Seeding determined from results of Level 2

  • GO TIME!
  • Level 3 structure the same as Level 2 (KT)


Big shout out to Alfred for his patient help on this and Rei for the graphic work. 

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2 minutes ago, Rocket said:

So fighters have to go from ground only to KT only?

Level 1: Grappling

Level 2: KT

Level 3: MMA

The idea being that you won’t have energey drain from a grappling tournament for the 1st Level, allowing your fighter to train continuously throughout for the next rounds.

It could make variation in builds a bit more of a thing depending on the manager. 

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I mean it's different but I can't see how you don't end up with a broken  fighter at the end, especially if you want to win this thing.


Not knocking it as if others are happy with that then go for it.


Good to see someone trying something different I guess I'd just rather see the energy go into one or the other.

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6 minutes ago, Rocket said:

I mean it's different but I can't see how you don't end up with a broken  fighter at the end, especially if you want to win this thing.


Not knocking it as if others are happy with that then go for it.


Good to see someone trying something different I guess I'd just rather see the energy go into one or the other.

I would assume that anyone who enters would want to win it all. Not quite sure what you mean about broken fighters?

i see a path to a ton of hype/pop and a chance to showcase all of the game mechanics in one tournament. A gauntlet to determine who can rise to the top given any rule set, not just who is best in one area.

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To compete at twgc, KT and then mma requires 3 different skill sets. In general when creating top elite fighters you have to choose 7 or 8 secondaries.


This tourney requires a huge degviation from that so you end up with a competition winner who may be stunted in their development towards full elite status. 


But as a showpiece bit of fun it could be fun. 

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8 minutes ago, Carciofi said:

I see what you’re saying and it’s kind of the point…something different from the same old rinse and repeat method of racing to elite across the board. An attempt to focus on the journey rather than the destination. 

Yeah the game needs variety, go for it.

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3 hours ago, Skuzbukit said:

Interesting format.

I'm not willing to send that much cash up front until I can be sure this thing is actually going to go ahead with reliable folks.

Put me down as a tentative perhaps.

It will go ahead as long as I can get reliable managers to give it a shot. I’ve put out almost 4.5x the entry fee already and I’ve got 2 sign ups and an alternate lol.

I’ve thought about this for almost 6 months and bothered the ever loving shit out my alliance mates, Alfred and Rei just to get this point. It’ll cost me real dollars at the end also. Doing it all just because it hasn’t been done and maybe I can help provide some enjoyment to other players. Period. It’s that simple.

Peeps will spend that and more an avatar, but not something that will be engaging for the foreseeable future? 🤷‍♂️

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