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Mr. Aquariums Avatars


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Hello these are the first avatars I have ever made I hope you like them. Below is going to be the price of all of them next to the image or if you guys want them and get into a bidding war for some of the avatars I will be taking the highest bidder but they are mostly just sell now prices because I am not good at this and just seeing how it goes. Thank you all if you have any requests for an avatar I can do that as well and ill send you mocks of the avatar so you get what you want. Lastly I don't put a whole lot of gifs as backgrounds I feel like it takes away from the image itself if you want me to change the backgrounds for future creations I can do that no problem just trying to learn what sells really. 

Feel free to send me a PM in the game if you want me to find your offer faster or for any custom avatars.

Aquarium Fish (144011)

Finished-Avatar-2.jpg?ex=6556a8c9&is=654433c9&hm=d24178a4081c75f30f6d59269cb9e3be6a8e6d4ae5efbfb1c26019f1835502c7& #1- 30k

Finished-Avatar-3.jpg?ex=6556a8c9&is=654433c9&hm=e4ba65a3c03ce245b29d84f34245d3af86dd82f84fef56cc381c13f51e5e9568& #2- 50k

Finished-Avatar-4.jpg?ex=6556a8c9&is=654433c9&hm=f79a1fa0eb75ae5cb3d5f43f08382e784b70a5733ef9e3a671e91b36ea80ca8b& #3- 50k

Finished-Avatar-7.jpg?ex=6556a8c9&is=654433c9&hm=012e029f9992cb943f3871add472ccefa53bbd3aad3f5c4eabec840e03fdd024&#4- 30k

Finished-Avatar-8.gif?ex=6556a8c9&is=654 #5- 50k

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Avatar Auction starting at 80k. Auction ends Sunday 8pm EST 11-5-2023

Sense a few of the avatars sold so fast I figured might as well make some more. These ones are a little goofy except for #9. Thinking I will do it as an auction style this time starting bids for all of the avatars is going to be 80k I think all of these are better then the first batch and if you guys keep buying them I will keep making them.







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Made some new bjj avatars for the new grappling org that I will be opening at 400k I tried something new with these I didn't use as much of the avatar face and made it seem more flush but I don't know if they will be accepted of someone buys and they don't get accepted I will fix it no problem

 All Avatars start at 50k 




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