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Newbie tournament


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We need to get rookie managers more involved in the game!


Let’s help them stick around by creating a tournament for all the rookies, intermediates, and veterans to enjoy!



Veterans and intermediate managers will work together to mentor the rookies so they can team up and win the tournament.



Weight 135 for rookies 170 intermediate, 265 veteran


Creation tournament


18 yo creations


8 rookies, 8 intermediate,8 veterans


3x5 rounds for more finishes


Teams of 3 one rookie one intermediate one veteran


Rookie is 143k+ intermediate 140k-143k


Veteran 140k-


8 team


2 groups of 4 teams round Robin


2 teams from each group move on to knockout stage


1 month of testing



1 fighter per manager for rookies and intermediate because not all have VIP




Donations are greatly appreciated


Prizes are 50%, 30%, 20% of donations and 3 months VIP for each member of the winning team. Plus 1 month VIP for each of the second place team. If somebody wants to make a custom trophy, feel free to do so.


Creation date: December 1st (subject to change depending on how fast the tournament fills up)



1. Carlos Lee
2. Leopold Jantzen?
3. Michael Lewis
4.  Snoop Jenkins?


6.Aquarium fish




1. Fireballer

2. Akira Shigeru








1. Dillo

2. Bradley Burns

3. Jeffrey Ramirez

4. Roman Benson





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39 minutes ago, Leec2 said:

Most people do not have fighters in the 135lbs range so we can not compete in the tournament. there are more fighters from the 170lbs to 265lbs range.

I believe the idea is that only fighters created December 1st and later would be eligible. So you create your fighter on December 1st and then have a month to test and train.

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