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  1. Dario Juan Pablo (404630) Rumour has it that Fuhrer Alfred's tournaments have become so legendary that word of the Midsummer Slaughter even made it all the way to Tijuana. Now in Mexico the drug cartels see and hear everything. We aren't sure if its the $6 million dollar prize that goes to the winner.... or if its the brain damaged ex-fighters that now live in Tijuana re-telling the horrors of the Christmas Day Massacre. Either way when word reached the Sinaloa Cartel they sent one of their foot soldiers to participate in the carnage. Naturally not much is known about Dario Juan Pablo (if thats even his real name) other than he is here to do the cartel's work. If the cartel sent him though.... you can bet he is likely here for violence and probably one lime short of a Corona if you catch the drift.
  2. Will the 390 ID fighters be matched against other 390 ID fighters?
  3. On behalf of the Cree Nation... Maskwa will answer your call if you can find a warrior brave enough to face him
  4. And tank my manager ranking? Sure why the hell not.... Manager Rankings are over ratted anyways
  5. @Alfred is this another one of your fixed tourneys where you own guy wins? 😉
  6. I can tell you that without an active org like this I will be sacking any of my 25 year old builds. Just doesn't make sense to keep them otherwise as they have a very short shelf life before 18yo builds catch and surpass them. I would also disagree that it isn't a very appealing org to run. From my understanding when I was helping out there it was making some decent money off PPV. There will also be a fresh crop of fighters finishing up The Island in the next month or so with limited options. If you have a 25yo build on the Island you don't want to sack then Highland would be a no brainer in terms of getting fair fights.
  7. I think this thread is a perfect example of everything that has gone wrong with the game and the community in recent years. You have someone pointing out an obvious issue/inconsistency within the game that has been brought up numerous times and never once addressed. There is an overwhelming consensus within the thread the no one truly understands what the current criteria is that should be met to get an avatar approved. You have at least two long standing graphics artists who in my opinion (feel free to disagree) have made substantial contributions to the game and community with their work that are saying they cant be bothered to continue those contributions due to the lack of consistency above. Noting has ever been said that gives any indication that any of this will ever be addressed or a proper set of standards will be revamped and adhered to moving forward. Not saying this specific concern in relation to avatars is anywhere close to the biggest issue in the game but I think the points made above can be applied to 99% of all concerns that the community has brought forward regarding any issues they see within the game.
  8. I am with @The1rstSaint. Lost all interest in doing avatars because there is no rhyme o reason as to why one gets accepted and one doesn't. Appears to be just personal preference of the person judging them. Explain to me the following examples: Rejected for being too realistic and not avatary enough: Approved despite meeting any of the criteria listed for approval including using any elements of the in-game avatars: This one was approved and is a blatant copy of Danny Danger:
  9. I have done this a number of times and also offered up product designs and logos for free to help newer managers. I consider those more of a gift and a way I can help build the community and return the favor for all of the old guard that did the same for me when I was starting out and trying to keep up with those that had millions of dollars and years of experience as an advantage over me.
  10. As someone who has experimented with the whole franchising scenario I can say that yes it can happen organically but it is a nightmare to try and manage and involves an insane amount of trust with the person you enter business with. As is today you end up having to chase franchisees to determine what payment is owed and actually getting them to pay. It be a great feature added to the business side of the game if you could setup an agreement that company XYZ owns 20% of the business in exchange for $X and then the game transfer 20% of any sales/income automatically similar to being on staff. In terms of trust you are also leaving yourself very open to your brand falling into the wrong hands. For example I enter an agreement with manager XYZ to open a franchise clothing shop using my business name and my product designs in exchange for X% of all sales. That franchisee then goes and sells that franchise shop next week and the new person chooses not to honor your handshake agreement and continues on selling your product using your name with no recourse available. I just found without a feature set in-game to manage payment automatically and no in-game re-course available like a partnership or a block on franchisees selling a franchise without the approval or all partners made it not worth the effort.
  11. Great stuff and exciting to see the game being developed again. Cant wait for application process to begin and see who will fill these roles.
  12. SMESH could be interested as well depending on the details (creation date vs tourney start date if going with 18yo for example).
  13. Happy to see some planned upgrades and a revamp. I think speeding up the time it takes to develop a fighter from 18yo prospect to Elite across the board should be at the top of the priority list and would go along way in helping to keep players engaged and retaining new players for longer than a month or so. Would also help in leveling out the playing field between a new manager and managers that have been around for years and have a full orster of fully developed fighters.
  14. Not much activity here but might be due to the lack of active managers in the game. If you look at the org Zombie has consistently running two cards per week since last July when The Island season ended and he brought Highland back to the mainland. I know in message with him he has even back talking about testing a move to the bigger arenas with the next series of events he is booking.
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