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BANZAI Bonanza!


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Since BANZAI Combat is so nice, they want to host a tournament for all managers to participate in! Join this creation tournament for a chance to win 1 million dollars! 

It will be an interesting format, with 10 levels. All fighters start on level 3. A win brings you up a level, loss brings you down. If you lose on level 1 you are eliminated. Once you win on level 10 the tournament is over. If a fighter has nobody else or an odd number on their level they fight the person closest level to them. I cannot guarantee that there will be no rematches. Fights will be bi-weekly, 3x5 fights. 

Fighter rules: 18 years old. 265+ weight. Creation tournament. You have 15 days to sign up. Registration ends and creation begins on April 2nd. 1 month of training before the first fight. 

There can be any number of participants as long as it is an even number. Multiple fighters per manager are allowed.

Tournament ends when a fighter beats level 10. The next 2 fighters at the top will be 2bd and third. Tiebreakers will be 1. Number of finish wins. 2. P4p ranking.

Prizes: 1 million to the winner, 500k to 2nd, 250k third.

Let’s get as many participants as possible to make this a great tournament! BANZAI!


1. Sixty Nine (Artyom Kozlov)

2. Jaylen Robinson (Kelvin Harvey)

3. Jaylen Robinson (Nathaniel Burch)

4. Bloody Gutz (Josef Stallin)

5. Bob Slay (Lucas Wilson)

6. Crnogorski Investitor (Stevan Micic)

7. Joe Outlier (Roger Lamont)

8. Alfred (Soren Lozano)

9. Jeffrey Ramirez (Tommy Wilander)

10. Mac Little (Genyo Takeda)

11. Bloodsport (Yao Ming)

12. Freaky Phantom (Freaky Travis)

13. Unkwalker (Cibuka Stilera)

14. Unkwalker (Virgulino Lampiaun)

15. Da Jumba (Deebo Drummond)

16. Trainer DJ (Xander Walls)

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