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Heartless FC - $1,000,000 1st Prize 265+ Tournament - ***sign up and creation closed***


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Time for a million dollar tournament at Heartless FC. The tournament will be at 265+ first fights will be I the beginning of april.

18 yo fighters, creation 1 month before first fight. MMA rules, 3x5 min, 10 point must.
Hope to get at least 16 fighters to fill the bracket. All contracts will be 5 fights and 1/1/1. In case we end up with fewer then 16 fighters it will be given wild cards after round 1 to fighters that lost fights with high rating. 

No testing. Create, train and hope for the best.

Prizes: 1st prize is a million, second prize is 500k and 3rd is 250k.

A massive thank you for donations by The1rstSaint, skuzbukit, Rush Grayson, Saklain, Columbo, stpierrecanada and all the rest that have offered to help out with the prizes.

Creation date set to February 24, first fight will be at the event the April 1.

interested? Sign up here :)


  1. Monkey / Columbo
  2. Rush Grayson / Beatdown
  3. John Daugherty
  4. Alfred Winterbottom
  5. Peter of Rivia
  6. Tycoon Judas / The1rstSaint
  7. Jimmy Normal / Carfioci
  8. WJ “the rooster” Rivers
  9. Biz Zee / Zeeble
  10. Bob Slay / Skuzbukit
  11. Bradley Burns / stpierrecanada
  12. Warpig
  13. Northern Zombie
  14. Subculturehero
  15. Thomas Coleman / Whiteboy7071
  16. Eric Landron/ Edawg91


1. Open slot

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  • Subculturehero changed the title to 265+ Tournament - 1 million to the winner

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