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Alfred Winterbottom Grappling Invitational - 25 Million T$ Prize


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Hello folks, 

There is a format I have been dying to try and I thought it probably best tested with a grappling tournament in order that we can move things along pretty quickly. That format is the brain meltingly complicated TRIPLE ELIMINATION tournament!

Your grappler will have three lives on the path to fame and fortune meaning you could lose two times and still be in with a shot of taking home the prize. 

Thanks to a unnamed shadowy financial benefactor the tournament is able to offer up a whopping 25 million tycoon dollars as prize. That's 25 million completely legit and verified tycoon dollars. Winner take all!

Tournament will be creation tournament. 18 years old and taking place in the 155lbs division. Minimum weight 155lbs. No maximum weight but obviously you need to be able to make 155lbs. 

Will set creation date for Sunday 15th October giving everyone a couple weeks to free up a space if they need. Tournament will start two weeks after that (29th October) Will allow 1 week for testing if you need but if grappler isn't locked in and signed by 22nd October will be moving on without you. 

Not entirely sure how quickly the events will be, maybe three days apart to give me time to make sure I've not fudged up anywhere? Either way if you're not someone who logs in regularly this tournament probably isn't for you. If you fail to accept a fight offered it will be counted as a loss. 

Due to the extra loser bracket rounds in the tournament, I'm pretty sure there will be rounds where winners are sitting out waiting for opponent. Because of the way that grappling events affects training this isn't going to make things unfair) I will try to be as organised as possible though so everyone knows what they're doing after each round. 

Looking for up to a max of 20 or 22 grapplers but tournament can run with any amount less than that. The tournament is free for anybody to sign up but ultimately I will pick those I know and trust before anyone else. 

As always I'll add any extra details needed as we go along. 

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Sign Ups

1] Alfred "The Reneger" Winterbottom

2] "The Unstable" Tycoon Judas

3] Dakota "The Rogue" Thibodeaux

4] Rush "Matrix Dolphin" Greyson

5] Rei "The Designer" Dot

6] "Return of the" Mac Little

7] "Stone" Monkey !!

8] Scottie "El Fuego" 2 Hottie

9] "The Englishman" Jimmy Normal

10] Henry "The Liar" Rollins

11] Don "Dino" Frye

12] "Rowdy" Real Rocket

13] "Tallahassee's Finest" Chris Karter

14] Crazy "Daudy Snorks" Horse

15] "Mr" Cope T

16] Freako "Rakfisk" Wimp

17] Todd "The Celtic Synner" Westacott

18] Pika "Panda Lad" Choo

19] "The Extremely" Squirrely Dan

20] "The Shame of Wales" Bob Slay

21]  Chuck "Wolf of Wall Street" W94

22] "Gentleman" Joe River

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41 minutes ago, Trevor.Wittman said:

I am a rookie and maybe I don't have a chance against the greats of the game, but I want to measure myself against the greats. It is an honor to be part of the tournament if possible.

Sorry Frank. I have no confidence you'll not have been nuked before the tournament even starts. 


36 minutes ago, Gonzasco said:

i'm in

Top man!

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