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LEVEL MMA: Summit Series


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Akira and Cope T step in to fill some of the void and are now starting 16…their additions clear out the reserve list. 

@XxxtremeT13 doesn’t look to have created a fighter and I’m assuming he’s a bail. Unless I hear otherwise we need to fill a starting spot.

There are at least 2 more unresponsive managers, but they have made 400k fighters (hopefully planned for LEVEL). If anyone else wants to throw their name up, please let me know….we’ll need you to be ready.

Front page updated. 

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@portman101 Blake White has confirmed through DM’s that he intends to enter. 
The mighty @Rambo has confirmed he’s out, but has contributed a substantial dollar amount to the prize fund, so we’ll all have a chance to take his money.

I hope to hear from @Sprooch one way or the other but we have 3 waiting in the wings (thanks boys) so we should have a full tournament in any event. 
About 1 week to lock in ladies, let’s get this!

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Front page updated. 6 fighters left to lock in and we’re good to go. We have until Wed/Thu to lock in depending on timezone. @silverback has 1st dibs on Karter’s spot and once confirmed that will only leave @Sprooch to respond to my messages to confirm his participation. If he declines or my messages go unanswered by Sat/Sun, @CelticStryder will take his place…no more room for guessing games. 

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6 hours ago, jjsquirrel said:

What, no CK? Get your ass here so I can kick it goddammit!

Will lock my fighter in soon, still got some time.

Ck. Is he ducking everyone? Is he sparing everyone from embarrassment at his hands? Sadly we will never know for certain. Thankfully Silverback jumped at the chance and we have a new fighter entered. 

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